What to consider before renting an apartment in Bahrain

If you are planning to move to the quiet and serene kingdom of Bahrain, there are a number of things you should bare in mind before renting an apartment there. We are going to show some help by pointing out here some of the most important things you should do or at least think about before renting an apartment in Bahrain.

1- Check the wide variation

Displayed apartments for rent in Bahrain vary in all specifications which is seen a very important advantage for property searchers as they have a wide variety of options to choose from. No matter the amount of money you allocated for renting a flat, the location, or the size, you will definitely find what you are looking for.

2- Set your budget first

Before hunting for apartments either through online platforms or property listing websites or by calling professional realtors, you should set the budget. Answer this question; how much can you afford per month to pay your rent?

In Bahrain, there are suitable residential apartments starting from BHD 150, but the cheaper you go, the more you are going to sacrifice. Of course renting an apartment in Juffair is coveted by all property searchers, but it is going to cost around BHD 400 for a furnished one bedroom flat in one of Juffair’s high rise towers. Renting in Amwaj Island is somehow the same range, and Seef it’s bit higher in price but still you will find there the same top quality of living.

3- What to bare in mind before signing the contract

Before renting an apartment you should bare in mind a number of matters. First of all, don’t send an underpayment or your personal official papers before visiting the apartment and before paying a visit to the real estate agency’s office.

Don’t depend on the internet images or ones sent through Whatsapp, it’s better to see the apartment on real life.

4- The needed paperwork

You need to have a hint too about the needed official papers to be able of renting an apartment in the Kingdom of Bahrain. You should showcase your residence permit if you are not a national or the national ID if you have the nationality. Before signing the contract, it’s better to read all written terms to know exactly what you are approving. You should also ask the realtor for clarification once you find an ambiguous clause or something not easily understandable. It’s definitely your right to feel comfortable with each and every clause.

5- Movement

Upon signing the contract and coming to an accord you will have to pay 2 months in prior along with insurance payment supposed to be paid back by the landlord in case there are no damages or repairs needed in the apartment. You should know that taking care of the apartment is a shared responsibility between you and the owner, so it’s better to stand on the apartment’s status and quality before moving to know your rights.