What Are the Common Pitfalls of Buying A House?

Buying a house involves a lot of meticulous planning, research and preparation. It should not be taken lightly otherwise it can cause you financial loss and result in an inefficient purchase. There are a few tips that you must prevent when you buy a house.

To consider your home as a short-term investment

Your house should be the first and foremost thing to live. Home values do not appreciate with time. Telluride area real estate is an immobile, large and not a liquid asset. Buyers should view the house purchase as a long-term investment. If you wish to invest but are not ready for such kind of commitment, then try parking your hard-earned money in a mutual fund.

Comparing your house rent to a loan payment

If you are paying a specific amount of money on rent, then it means that you afford much lesser mortgage payment than your rent. There are several costs linked with buying and owning a house.

These things are home inspection, escrow, moving costs, HOA fees, home, insurance coverage, property taxes, yard maintenance, and more. Most of the homeowners have some information about these costs but underestimate its actual value.

Go for a deal that is affordable

It does not make sense to take a huge loan to buy an expensive loan. Give yourself options and flexibility by selecting a less costly home. It is quite easy to find yourself in a house that you can’t afford any longer. Skip the exorbitant mortgage payment and choose security instead. You need to save some money to meet any financial crisis that can arise in the future.

Not planning for the future

Before you begin shopping for your dream home, it is important to take a little break to clean up your credit report, lower your “debt to income ratio” and save as much money as possible. A few bad signs in your credit report can cause you thousands over the lifetime of a loan. It can prevent you from scoring your dream home.

Once you clean up your credit report, then contact a loan broker to get yourself sanctioned for a loan. Also, do not apply for financing a car loan till escrow has got closed. This can modify your credit score or “debt-to-income ratio” and result in losing financing in the mid of escrow.

Requiring a lot of time to form a decision

The present scenario can be thought of as a seller’s market. Due to low inventory and quick selling of house, it is important that you move fast. Don’t put too much importance on cosmetic issues such as outdated décor, old appliances or paint colors, to prevent you from putting an offer on a home. You can get a lot of time after your purchase to upgrade these physical imperfections.


All these mistakes should be prevented to make an efficient purchase.