Tips for Cleaning Out Blocked Sewers

Blocked drains and sewers can prove to be a serious nuisance, and could also lead to serious health and sanitation hazards. Sewer drains are responsible for carrying wastewater from your house to the municipal sewage lines. They run under the ground and must remain open to allow for water to pass through. However, if the sewer drains are clogged for some reason, pressure inside the pipes will continue to build up until the pipes burst, leading to a serious drainage problem. There are some clear signs which indicate that the main sewer line has become clogged. Here are some clear symptoms that indicate such a blockage.

Multiple Fixtures Clog Simultaneously

One of the clearest signs that your main sewer line has clogged is if multiple plumbing fixtures tend to back up at the same time. When the main sewer line gets blocked, the first thing to back up will be the toilet. However, other fixtures might also become blocked due to this issue. If you feel that the main sewer line has gotten blocked, you should immediately start checking the other fixtures in the house. It will give you a better idea about whether the issue is serious or not.

Unusual Reactions

Another thing you should know about drain blockages is any unexpected reactions that might be caused in your plumbing fixtures. For instance, if water starts filling up in the toilet bowl every time you flush, it’s a pretty clear indicator that there’s something wrong with the drain pipes. You can also check if the drains in the shower or sink are blocked. If they are, it’s pretty clear that your main sewer drain is busted.

Cleaning Out the Sewers

Once you are reasonably sure that your main sewer drain is clogged, you need to call a local plumbing company. Companies that offer cleaning services for blocked sewers in Melbourne usually have the experience and equipment needed to clean the sewer drains.

One of the biggest problems is finding out where exactly the blockage has occurred. To figure that out, the plumbing company will probably run a miniature drain camera through the sewer drains to figure out the exact location of the blockage. Once the point of blockage has been determined, the company will discuss different options for clearing the blockage.

This may involve running a harsh acid through the pipes to melt the blockage inside the drains, or jet washing the drains to get rid of the blockage. If the sewers can’t be cleaned out through conventional means, the only option left is to cut out the portion of the pipe that’s blocked and replace it with a new section. Obviously, this isn’t a job that you can complete it on your own. You will need to call in a professional company for cleaning out the sewers. It’s important that you identify the problem area before starting work, as that can prevent unnecessary repair work and ensure that the right section is replaced and removed.