Timeless practical lightning

Scandinavia are an interesting marked for the design classics. The Scandinavian designers have produced design classics in centuries and the brands still continue to amaze. The Scandinavian brands are known for their minimalistic and timeless design. The design fits most homes and that is very appealing for design lovers who wants to make a good investment.

Looking at the classic design icons we have to look at Scandinavia and Denmark to be more specific. Danish design is known worldwide and Denmark has been a leading nation in the design field for decades. From Danish furniture to Danish fashion and Danish toys, Denmark continues to produce world-renowned design classics. Scandinavian design, and in particular Danish design, has become synonymous with timeless styles.

Louis Poulsen are one of the brands that successfully have become a classic in the interior industry. Louis Poulsen is well known for their lamps and the Danish brand is in many Danish and Scandinavian homes today. Louis Poulsen is also known as LP and the brand appeal to both the private marked and the professional lighting market.

Design collaborations

Louis Poulsen are the leading supplier of architectural lighting and the brand is one of the most prestigious lamps manufactures in the world. The design is used in some of the most popular buildings where they really are living up to its potential.

Some of today’s most popular designers have made collaborations with Louis Poulsen. They have shaped the light of today. One of these designers is Poul Henningsen who had a lifelong collaboration with Louis Poulsen until his death. Poul Henningsen is the designer behind the popular PH Lamps which is the epitome of timeless Scandinavian design classics.

Poul Henningsen is a pioneer within structure, shadows and color reproduction and he changed the way we think about using lighting in our homes.

The importance of good lightning

Neutral colors, clean lines and practical design is one of the characteristics behind the Nordic and Scandinavian design. Scandinavian design is timeless because it is simple, beautiful, in a good quality and often made with the user in mind. Light is one of the most important elements when designing a home, because a good light and shape and change a whole room. Good lightning is different from room to room, because the purpose of the light change with the purpose of the room. You want a different lightning in the kitchen and in the bedroom.