Pre-owned apartments in Istanbul

Poor economic conditions, rising costs, rising new house prices are causing people who want to buy apartments to turn more towards pre-owned apartments. In fact, there is no harm in choosing pre-owned when buying apartments, it is important to know that you only need to act by paying attention to certain details and choose accordingly. In this article, Those who want to buy apartments in Istanbul but want to make their choice in favor of pre-owned apartments will give information about important issues to pay attention to. In this way, you will be able to work with the tricks of making a profit when buying an apartment, and this will ensure that the apartment you are buying is one that meets your expectations.

Sales rates for pre-owned apartments

According to the researches, the number of apartments has dropped considerably compared to last year. The numbers between 2018 and 2019 were quite high, according to research conducted to cover all 81 provinces across Turkey. Apartments sold in 2018 were 8.1 percent, while by 2019 that figure had fallen to circa 1.02 percent. The effect of this, of course, is rising costs. The rise in the value of the dollar against the Turkish lira, the rise in prices for construction materials and the fall in income also led to falls in apartments for sale. But despite this, sales of pre-owned apartments continue largely.

How should a pre-owned Apartment be?

There is actually no harm in buying a pre-owned apartment. The critical aspect of this job is just being absolutely adamant about how an apartment should be bought. As with new apartments, it is enough to pay attention to the physical characteristics of the apartment to be purchased, the number of rooms according to the number of family members, whether the apartment has a parking lot or not, whether there is a garden area. But when it comes to buying apartments in Istanbul, you have to be sure about its durability. Due to the fact that Istanbul is in the earthquake zone, the age of the apartment should be considered. No one generally buys the apartments built before the 1999 earthquake. But if you are going to buy such an apartment, remember that you must find out if it is earthquake resistant and examine the necessary documents. If you buy an apartment in this way, it can meet your expectations.

Location of the apartment

Buying a luxury apartment or buying a pre-owned apartment… The most important situation to consider in any case is the location of the apartment. The proximity to the city center and the presence of areas around which there may be constant need such as parking, Police Station, school and hospital are important issues in buying apartments. It makes sense to buy a pre-owned apartment in a location with these properties.

Has it gone into urban transformation?

Recently, there have been increases in the number of apartments in Istanbul that are suitable for urban transformation. Instead of creating new construction sites for new apartments, demolishing old buildings to be done in accordance with the project is a case in point. The reason we say this is that if you are going to buy an apartment and your time is available to wait, the most important thing to do is to find out when the urban renewal will come to the building where you bought your apartment. This will make it easier for you to sell an apartment that you’ve bought cheaply for a higher price later on. If you are conscious about the intricacies of buying an apartment in Istanbul and are careful about the apartment you are going to buy, you can get the best of your expectations and reach the apartment you dream of.