Picking Out A Modern Fireplace Design For A Home  

If you just purchased a new home, and you wish to upgrade the appearance of your existing fireplace, there are several options you have to choose from. Those who wish to modernize their home’s interior have several different styles of modern fireplaces Vancouver to consider. Here are some trendy designs that are sure to turn heads and provide comforting warmth while increasing the positive aesthetics of a home in the process.

Create A Television Viewing Area

Many people enjoy watching a movie or television show in front of a relaxing fire. Increasing the overall size of a fireplace can be done by a specialist. The enclosure can be widened, matching the width of a television which can be positioned over the hearth area. This will provide a viewing spot for family members and guests without distracting them with different sized focal points in a room. The color of the fireplace mantle can be matched to the television itself, providing an unobstructed view of the appliance.

Use A Linear Division

Gas fireplaces can be incorporated into existing walls to provide a soft glow of flame while separating rooms in the process. This benefits each room, adding a warm glow to each area in view of the fireplace. A wall can be cut and the fireplace is slide into the enclosure, providing soft warmth and a pleasing flamed area in a unique way. Those with patios or sitting rooms find this addition to be a beneficial commodity, as it increases the comfort level of the areas in a subtle, yet modern way. Rooms will still have the benefit of separation, with the addition of a unique view from either side. These frameless fireplaces are subtle yet effective in providing a relaxing atmosphere.

Create A Work Of Art

A fireplace in an intricate design or geometric shaping will instantly boost the appeal of living space in a unique manner. A fireplace can be constructed in any type of shape desired, creating a focal point to a room sure to become a conversation piece. Glass enclosures can be created as stand-alone units or within walls to boost the appearance of a sitting room with ease. Working with a designer to create the perfect piece is best. Different styles of modern fireplaces Vancouver can be discussed, measurements of the area where the piece is to be positioned can be taken, and a designer will work at creating a masterpiece that will provide comfort and visual appeal. Contemporary artistic fireplaces will increase the overall value of the home as well.