Get Creative with Fitted Kitchens

It can be exciting to plan a kitchen renovation. In many homes, this is the busiest room in the house. Family members gather in the kitchen for dinners and holiday gatherings. A well designed kitchen can be a great asset. When you have proper storage space and clean lines, your décor can really shine through. Fitted kitchens are a popular choice for those that need to stay on a budget. They can also be less time consuming to install. A fitted kitchen, however, does not have to be boring. There are many creative ways to make yours stand out.


Built-in cabinets are the norm when it comes to fitted kitchens in Dorset. Custom cabinets add a lot of expense and make the job more time consuming. These cabinets usually fit nicely between your wall spaces and simply go straight across with no variation. If you want to do something a little less traditional, think about adding some colour after they are installed. Costs are minimal for sand paper and paint. Many modern paints allow for special finishes, as well. An antique or whitewash finish can give your kitchen a rustic look. Many stains can also have colours, such as blue and yellow, added to them.


You can really open up your kitchen with some glass doors on the cabinets. This makes your dishes visible through the doors. These types of doors are simple, but also allow you to display favourite dishes. These are great for those with a unique or sentimental dish collection that looks great on display. Some people opt to take the doors entirely off. Both of these options coordinate well with a with a brightly coloured paint job.


There are many opportunities for lighting in a fitted type of kitchen. Since these kitchens are meant to optimise cabinet and counter space, there are likely to be some areas that need lighting. Large amounts of cabinets can create dark spaces over the counters. Lighting under the cabinets can make meal prep much easier. If you choose to try the glass cabinet doors or open cabinets, lights inside of them can add a classy and unique touch. Take the time to find the most useful areas for lights so that you combine function with style.

Kitchen renovations can be a lot of fun. There is always an opportunity to do something a little artistic when you bring in some new cabinets. There is no need to feel like your kitchen is going to look like everyone else’s. It does not take a custom design to make something unique. You can hire someone to make some small changes, such as the addition of glass doors or lighting. Some things you can do yourself, for instance, painting or taking the doors off. No matter what you do, your new kitchen is bound to be a conversation starter at the next family gathering.