Flat Sharing VS Private Renting

In the modern world, the population is increasingly migrating to urban areas. Due to the availability of jobs and a better standard of living the cities offer, metros like Mumbai have become the focal points for migration. This brings the problem of accommodation or finding the best housing option.

This is where Nestaway comes in. Nestaway housing services offer you the option of choosing the best accommodation for yourself. From single room on rent in Mumbai to furnished houses, the app has a listing of all housing options in the area you choose–without the hassle of brokerages!

This poses a further dilemma, of choosing between flat sharing or private renting. Depending upon your personality and requirements, both have their pros and cons. Let’s take a look at all sides of the argument for these particular housing options.

Flat Sharing

Flat sharing, as the name suggests, involves sharing your house or apartment with roommates. This type of accommodation might be perfect for you, especially if you have set a lower budget for accommodation. Find a Flat for rent in Mumbai at affordableprices using Nestaways services.

Living with another person reduces living costs and bills significantly because you have roommates to share the financial burden. They make your life easier by keeping the place clean and sharing the hassle of maintenance. Moreover, a good roommate might even end up as a close friend to you.

The downside is obvious–roommates might make the place messier as well. You also may lose the concept of personal space. This can affect you particularly hard if you’re a loner type of person.

Private Renting

Private renting involves renting a place for yourself, without sharing it with roommates. This gives you absolute privacy and control over your living space. You never have to worry about anyone’s mess or late bill payments. The condition of your living space is subject to your choice and decisions.

However, it has its downsides too. Living alone leaves you with a much larger financial burden–you have to pay all the bills and maintenance costs by yourself. Also, the place will be left vacant more often, whenever you leave. This might make it more susceptible to burglary, depending upon the security levels in your area. Also, you’re completely alone in your place. This might seem appealing at first, but more often than not, you will find yourself getting lonely. The lack of company can affect your mental state. So, consider all this while opting to choose private renting over flat sharing.

The decision of choosing the perfect accommodation is up to you. Remember to take into account your budget for living costs, your personality type and the above-mentioned points before making the choice.

Nestaway has made the process of finding an apartment for rent in Mumbai extremely easy. The app shows you the best option, and you can make payments via the app itself. Brokerage, which usually accounts for a large sum in every rent, is eliminated–the relationship manager for your area gets in touch with you and does most of the work for you. So, the decision of choosing your living space is yours–opt wisely!