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School cleaning and maintenance can be a complicated job. Thinks of tasks like – cleaning of desks, wiping all surfaces to kill germs, cleaning of floors in all classrooms and common areas, emptying bins, getting rid of graffiti in bathrooms, sanitizing and cleaning bathrooms, upkeep of staff rooms, and cleaning of windows. Most of these chores is done on a daily basis, while some tasks like window cleaning and maintenance of outdoor surfaces can be managed periodically. If you need a professional company for school cleaning Melbourne, Sparkle Cleaning Services can help.

The best company in Melbourne

Sparkle Cleaning Services is known for offering affordable commercial cleaning services. Apart from school cleaning, they also deal in office maintenance, gym and restaurant cleaning. The company has been in business for almost a decade, and they have more than 250 projects to their credit. Sparkle Cleaning Services has won over 99 awards in the industry and maintain their own team of 300+ cleaners and janitors. Only the best cleaners of the lot are allotted for school cleaning contracts. Time and again, the company has stated that school authorities should never compromise on cleaning requirements, a nd to reduce their concerns, they are willing to offer scalable services.

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Every school is unique, has different number of rooms and specific set of cleaning requirements. Sparkle Cleaning Services believes in offering custom services, and they always offer quotes after knowing the scope of work. They are always responsive to phone calls, and you can check their website too to get a quote. Typically, they will send someone from their team to discuss all the essential cleaning needs, based on which the quote is offered. The estimate includes all expenses, including supplies.

Benefits at a glance

Sparkle Cleaning Services has been rated as one of the best services for commercial cleaning Melbourne, which tells a lot about their expertise. They only use natural, safe and green products for school cleaning, keeping health concerns in mind. Also, the company can schedule their work according to the requirements of the client, so that school hours are not hampered, and if you are the school manager, you can always seek regular reports from them. In case of a complaint, the company offers quick re-cleaning for no extra charge.

Check the website of Sparkle Cleaning Services to find more relevant details and ask for no-obligation quote now!

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