Common Pier and Beam Foundation Problems That Need Instant Care

Foundation repair issues occur mainly because of water damage and soil motion. It is necessary to handle it right away because the building structure’s integrity depends on it. Elevation of pier & beam foundation means unique complications can get developed. Shifting of foundation is always a signal for fear.

Pier and beam foundation repair process varies. It depends on the kind and extent of damage. Common foundation issues are given below.

Rotting substructure

Houses with beams include wooden substructure. Wood is prone to rotting as well as affected easily by insects, rodents, and water. The moment you identify this issue have it fixed to avoid gigantic and costly repairs. Pier & beam foundations include crawl space below, where moisture gets accumulated. This is not the issue with concrete foundations. Moisture is the main factor that impacts the wooden elements used during construction.

Concrete piers not spaced properly

Steel or concrete foundation piers don’t move because they are placed closely to be effective. In general, piers are spaced 6” apart to bear the load of building structure effectively. More piers employed means better support structure gets and less issues homeowners will experience in future.

Soil movement affecting piers

Overtime, piers and beams shift due to movements in soil and water situations.

Water damage

Foundations are not levelled with ground, so complications can occur because of moisture accumulation beneath them. It causes deterioration, so this becomes crucial to install a drainage system which directs water away from foundation.

Identify the foundation issues and treatment method

Sagging floors & shifting beams

Structure appears to be settling or sinking. Install piers, shims, and foundation support.

Tilting piers

Tilting piers adds to foundation failure due to shifting of beams. Solution is to stabilize all the foundation piers.

Collapsing concrete piers

Foundation turns uneven causing cracks in beams. Adjust the concrete piers to reinforce the structure’s stability.

Cracking exterior piers

Door frames misalign because beams are moving or piers have collapsed. Install new beams and shims or replace exterior piers.

Damp crawlspace

Pier & beam house ordinary moisture issues. During such complications conduct a foundation drainage.

Poor construction

The integrity of structure gets compromised, so raise joists and foundation.

Mould & mildew in beams

Common issues, which ruin wooden joists and beams. Extract the degraded part and replace them. Shimming on also necessary on such buildings.

Never ignore the warning signs of foundation issue because staying under it is unsafe for you and the family.