Bidet Toilets: 5 Most Frequently Asked Question Answered

There has been a lot of buzzes lately about bidet toilets. What is it? What does it do? Do I need it? What is the difference between toilet paper? Is it Expensive? Well today, we are going to talk about bidet toilet seats.

What is it?

A bidet toilet seat is a technological advancement towards cleaning ourselves after we poop. A precursor to the world famous toilet paper, this technology which you can install on your own can clean you with squirts of water strategically hitting the left-over poop and leaving you with a clean and efficient hands-free experience in the toilet.

What does it do?

Well aside from the previous answer, the Bidet toilet seat can clean more aside your bottom. There are some designed with hoses directed at a female private part. This also helps females who suffer from irritations and infections like UTI, Yeast Infections and many more.

Aside from that, the hands-free cleaning that you will get from the bidet toilet seat also helps the elderly, the pregnant, the environment and last but not the least, your wallet.

Do I need it?

Any person who is living needs this, not only is it miles better than the toilet paper we so love and adore, it also is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint. Bidet toilet seats are also known to have effects on your life. Improving bowel movement without the stress of wiping the dirty deed and of course, taking care of the problem of people with bone problems or pregnant women.

Bending over to clean yourself is a complicated task as it is. Can you imagine how tedious it is when you are pregnant or even old?

If you are used to the toilet paper, then that is on you. However, comparing the toilet paper to the bidet is like choosing to walk bare feet instead of using a car.

What is the difference between the toilet paper and the bidet toilet seat?

A bidet toilet seat can clean you quicker and more efficient than a toilet paper could. The Bidet uses water to wash the poop away carefully. When using toilet paper, all you are doing is smearing the toilet paper on your skin until it is completely gone.

This makes your bottom more susceptible to infections and exposes your hands from bacteria. Bidet toilet seats also have programmable temperature and self-cleaning features that can thoroughly take care of the odor of your poop and make the squirts more comfortable when getting in contact with your skin.

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Is it expensive?

Yes, while there are cheaper and more affordable bidets on the market today, it is safe to say that bidets prices range from low to high. Depending on your budget, you can get a bidet. If you are worried about the cost and how it would hurt your wallet, you could just simply put a calculator to good use and sum up the amount of money you spend on toilet paper annually.

In retrospect, it’s like buying two years’ worth of toilet paper and having a device that can clean you for about ten years or more. To know more about bidet toilets, visit