Adjusting a sliding glass door

Sliding doors are great when they are sliding easily, but they can be quit frustrating when they keep getting stuck. It can get so frustrating that you even think of installing another door. Before you can go shopping for another door, below are some steps that you can use to restore your sliding door to its glory days.

Supplies you will need for this task:
• Toothbrush
• Wire brush
• WD-40
• Silicone based lubricant
• Steak knife
• Vacuum
• Screwdrivers

Step 1: Clean the track
All sliding doors have a track that guide the door and allow the roller wheels on the door to glide smoothly over it. With time the track accumulates dirt and grime which can considerably slow down the door. You can either use a tooth brush or a wire brush to clean the door track. After loosening the dirt on the track, use a vacuum to suck it up.

Step 2: Lubricate the track
After cleaning it up, you need to lubricate it. You can either use the WD-40 or the silicone based lubricant. The silicon based lubricant is the best option because it does not attract dust like other lubricants. Wipe off any spray that landed on the floor to avoid slipping accidents.

Step 3: Adjust the rollers
Inside the sliding door there are rollers that assist it to smoothly glide over the track. There are some adjusting screws on the side of the door. If they have never been adjusted before there will be a plastic plug covering them. This is where the steak knife comes in. Use the knife to pry the plastic plugs loose so as to expose the screws. To adjust the screws, use a screw driver. You will notice that the door will go up or down by 1/4inch or half a centimeter. You will notice that your door starts gliding better after adjustment. It is also a good idea to spray the lubricant on to the screw to help smoothen the rolling.

Step 4: Upkeep
Now that your door is gliding smoothly on the tracks, you need to maintain it. This means you clean up any dirt and grime before it can start being a problem. You can use a vacuum to clean up the dirt. You can also adjust the rollers as you see appropriate. Using a little lubricant every once in a while can also help.

There is a possibility that your door is just too old and worn out that is why it is sticking. If it is still sticking after cleaning the tracks and adjusting the rollers you might consider replacing the entire interior glass doors. Just get a professional to assist you.