Important Tips to Deny Carpenter Ants House Entry

Pest infestation has been the most common problem with house owners. There would be several kinds of insect infestation troubling several homeowners. It would be pertinent to mention here that you should look for the right solution for your insect infestation problem. However, prior to you actually looking for a suitable solution for your insect infestation problem, it would be pertinent that you should look forward to preventing them from entering the home.

Carpenter ant infestation

It would be pertinent to mention here that most fourmis charpentière infestation would be small in number. There may be not more than 20 to 30 ants in the hive. Nonetheless, the population could increase, as the ants would look for warm and moist place to survive their winters. In case, you see more than a few winged dark coloured ants in different areas of your house, you should start contemplating on different steps to ensure good riddance of the carpenter ants before they become grave danger to your health and that of your house.

Preventing the ants from entering the house

The best mode to protect the home from carpenter ants would be their prevention from entering the house. Find below some preventive measure to keep the ants away.

  • You should patch roof and plumbing leakage. Any kind of moisture problems should be handled before it attracts carpenter ants.
  • You should keep the soil away from wood siding of your house. There should not be wood to ground contact.
  • Avoid vegetation and tree branches touching the siding or roof of your house.
  • Firewood should be stacked away from foundation. It should be kept in an elevated position. They may become nesting areas for carpenter ants.
  • You should seal all openings and cracks in your foundation. There should be no unnecessary opening near utility pipes and wires entering the house.

  • The kitchen and bathroom area should be kept clean at all times. There should not be any kind of clutter to attract ants.
  • Keep the floors of your house clean. You should fix all leaky faucets in and around the house.

In case, you have noticed carpenter ants flying or walking around the house, you should arrange for their extermination as early as possible. It would help you prevent any significant structural damage to your house. Carpenter ants may create colonies while destroying the structure from within.